Okay we’re gonna show you different variations on t-touch wraps for dogs or you can do it for cats too.

But anyway first of all we’re gonna show the half wrap then the full wrap and then the variation where you can do a wrap around the hind legs and this is a very helpful tool to help bring an animal back into its body, if it’s very nervous also to help an animal that may not have so much sensation and its back in to feel that a little bit more.
So to get the animal accustomed to the wrap first you can offer them a treat on the wrap and then fold it up wrap then you can gradually just get them used to feeling the folded up wrap on the back a little bit.

First what I’m gonna do is the half wrap and you can do it a little bit at a time that the dog is frightened and first just wrap it around the chest crisscross it across the back criss-cross underneath the stomach and then bring the round and tie off to the side of the spine so that it doesn’t put pressure on the spine.

You’ll note that I’m using a two inch drop because this is a small dog and you can sort of tuck the ends in or cut the wrap to fit to size so this is the half wrap and I would suggest only leaving it on for a few minutes the first time around. You can leave it on a little bit longer after a while but always supervise the dog when it has the wrap on, because you don’t want them to get hung up and if he tries to take it off.

All right so if you want to get more of a sensation on the back end from one thing what you can do is move this part over the tail a little bit that’s an easy way or you can add on to it and do the full wrap so you can take another ace bandage and you’ll see that I’m attaching that there are passionately getting it so it’s in half and then around the back leg and then you can either pin or tie to the rest of the wrap and do the same thing on the other side so

I’ll show you what it looks like okay again that’ll give them a nice feeling from front to back so the dog more of a feeling of its back legs what you can do again is add on to the half wrap again

We’re putting the second wrap through there making sure it’s about in half sorry and then you can wrap around like you’re wrapping sort of around a candy cane around the back leg and then you can tie on the bottom, you may need to make it shorter depending on the dog or you can tuck under and you can do the same thing on the other side

Sarah Hauser